OVO L1A Love Balls

OVO L1A Love Balls

OVO L1A Love Balls

Shake up your sex life with these weighted kegel balls by OVO.
Ideal for beginners, these silicone toner balls are easy to insert and remove and offer thrilling stimulation and a fantastic pelvic muscle workout for increased control over your orgasm, and his!

Meet the Little Sister to OVO L1 Love Balls…

Not only does it look good, it feels good too!

Smaller than her Big Sister; OVO L1A Love Balls aka. Petite Love Balls are just as great.. maybe even better! 

Just like her Older Sister OVO L1A Love Balls are:

OVO L1A Love Balls are designed with a gentle loop, jeweled leash, and a significant waistline.
The sleeve is made of stretchy silicone that hugs the balls and keeps them in place, so your free to do what you like when you like!

The OVO L1A Loveballs are waterproof, inaudible, and features intensive tumbling movement.

Did we mentions INTERCHANGEABLE? OVO L1A Love Balls come with 2 interchangeable sets of balls, one heavier than the other:
18g Clear and 25g Chrome.
Each ball houses a smaller sphere that shivers and shimmies as you move, enhancing erotic sensations and internal stimulation.

Feel good while getting that kegel workout.

Wear the balls for as long as you feel comfortable.
Your muscles automatically clench around the balls to hold them inside you, giving you a great workout.
Wear them out and about – they’ll be your naughty little secret!

Key features:

– Kegel balls, ideal for beginners

2 pairs of interchangable balls of different weights for progressive training

100% waterproof

– Made from skin-safe silicone

15 Year Warranty

To Check Availability or to Purchase Please Phone:(07) 40414069


OVO L1A Love Balls

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